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HK International Wine & Spirits Fair Delegation Report

Comments from Austrade Hong Kong, Trade Commissioner Phil Ingram...

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work, excellent client/customer management and great teamwork to successfully complete the HK International Wine & Spirits Show 2011.

Efforts in previous years have set a good foundation for Hong Kong being the major hub wine show in Asia now and in the future.
The 2011 Australian Pavilion did not have a prominent position as in previous years but that did not stop the crowds of buyers coming to visit the Australian Exhibitors Pavilion which was always busier than our neighbours and a lot busier than the massive Italian pavilion, this year’s partner country!  

The feedback from the exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive and gave the strong impression of good leads to follow-up.
The presence and assistance of colleagues and allies from Australia, who worked hard and effectively to assist the 53 Australian wineries with all their demands and to manage their expectations.

Thank you to HKABA-SA for encouraging repeat exhibitors, Condo Wines, Farmer’s Leap and Tomich Wines to attend again in 2011.
A big welcome to Hugh Hamilton’s “Black Sheep” Label and Craneford Wines who joined our pavilion for the first time.

 Also a big thank you to Lucy Anderson and Wine Australia for hosting the
A+ Education School-Master Class.
The challenge is not all about the numbers but about quality of the contacts, and we need to
thank  the visiting Austrade Regional BDMs, who brought in buyer delegations to taste the premium Australian wines.
Mr Ingram spoke to clients on Saturday, the Public/Trade Day who were all satisfied and very pleased with the business matching, advice and support from the team. “I have no doubt the team will soon work together on post-event client follow up to capitalise on all the good efforts” he said.
And it was great news that Australia won the most medals and more awards at the  
2011 Cathay Pacific HK International Wines & Spirits Competition !
HKABA-SA has coordinated exhibitor delegations from the inception of the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair in August 2008,  and the following years 2009, 2010 and 2011 and we look forward to hosting a 2012 delegation.
Ian Mathison
HKABA-SA Trade Fair Coordinator
M: 0411 519 757
30 December 2011
Hong Kong Forum 2011 Photo Gallery

hk forum 2011.jpg
Happy photo from Australia & New Zealand representative to attend 2011 HK Forum
Hong Kong Forum SA Chapter Delegation 2011

 HKABA-SA Chapter's delegation to the 2011 Hong Kong Forum included a briefing from the new Consul-General Mr Paul Tighe and Senior Trade Commissioner Mr Phil Ingram.

InvestHK Newsletter November 2011

Companies Running RHQs from Hong Kong Hits All-time High
Despite unsteady economic conditions in Europe and the US, overseas and Mainland companies continue to see the value in running their regional and local operations from Hong Kong
Millions of Visitors Create Strong Demand for Hospitality
As visitor numbers continue to rise, overseas companies eye opportunities to make their stay more comfortable, productive and enjoyable
Magnet for Asset Managers and Private Banking Professionals
Hong Kong's financial services scene may appear to be dominated by the world's largest banks and investment firms but look beyond the major players and you'll see thousands of smaller companies identifying and adapting to the opportunities that Hong Kong's growing status as an asset and wealth management centre brings
Low Tax and Strong Prospects Attract Swiss and Luxembourg Firms
InvestHK is heading to Europe's asset and wealth management capitals in November for a series of events aimed at attracting fi nancial companies and talent to expand into Hong Kong
Hong Kong's Key Role in Germany's Relationship with China
As German exports to China surge, Hong Kong remains a top location for companies seeking transparency and strong corporate governance

The full newsletter is available online here.

ACMA Dinner Photo Gallery

China develops fine taste for SA products

Photo: Food & Beverage Import-Export's Frank Bueti, Tony De Corso and Michael Higgs at Central Market. Picture: Brodie Campbell


ADELAIDE food and wine exporter Food & Beverage Import-Export is closing in on a dream of building substantial new markets in China.

And they are achieving it with a rance of South Australian products.

Partners Michael Higgs Sr, his son Michael Higgs Jr, Tony De Corso and Frank Bueti have taken the company from start-up to making significant progress in developing partnerships with key Chinese importers and building strong demand. They were recognised for their success at the Hong Kong Australia Business Awards in August by winning a special judges award. Food & Beverage Import-Export has been developed to provide a range of food and wine products to meet the fast-growing demand for higher quality food and wine from the increasingly affluent Chinese population.

Mr Higgs Jr, who has a long history in importing from Hong Kong and China with family company R2 Procurement Partners, says the partners are confident that there is significant potential for South Australian food and wine products in China. "They have signalled that they are going to want an increasing range of food and wine products from South Australia and they already have a good awareness of the state and its wine regions such as McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley," Mr Higgs says.

He says while Food & Beverage Import-Export is a relatively new company, it has done pretty well pretty quickly and looks like it's going to grow quite significantly. "Right now we are growing at a rate we are comfortable with and we are expecting significant expansion in the next 12 months," he says. And they have just opened a small office in Hong Kong to help promote products from the South Australian companies they are representing. "They see South Australia as producing very clean and green products and that is the focus of our business," Mr De Corso says. "The increasingly wealthy Chinese consumers want to be sure they are getting good quality products and they are also looking for good value for money."

Mr De Corso says Food & Beverage Import-Export is like a conduit between South Australia and China and Kong Kong. "We've sold container loads of wine and they've asked us to go back and present a range of seafood, pastry and more wine brands which we are doing in the next few weeks," he says. While the partners are patiently building the business, they hope it will reach the stage where they can focus on it. "We are very patient at this stage because we all have other businesses and we are not desperate for Food & Beverage Import-Export to grow too rapidly," he says.

The Higgs family business R2 Procurement Partners, which won an import award at the Hong Kong Australia Business Awards, has been operating in China and Hong Kong for close to 30 years. "We have good knowledge and experience in doing business in the region which is helping significantly with the new business," Mr Higgs says.

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Celebrating the Centenary of Xinhai Revolution Dinner

Celebrating the Centenary of Xinhai Revolution Dinner Photo Gallery
Date: 22th October 2011
Click here for Media Release from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Australia

Business SA Export Awards 2011

2011 Business SA Export Awards Presentation Luncheon Photo Gallery









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