South Australia Shines under National Spotlight! HKABA National Business Award Winners…

The Hong Kong Australia Business Association National Awards were held in Melbourne at the Langham Hotel on May 24th. around 250 VIP guests were treated to a delicious meal, great wines and excellent networking. 

South Australia was well represented by 4 finalists: 
Great Solar Solutions Pty Ltd 
Adelaide Festival Centre (OzAsia Festival) 
Mandala Developments 
Pitcher Partners 

The highlight of the evening was Acknowledgment of the 4 National winners, 2 of whom were from South Australia!!! South Australia wins 2 of the 4 National Awards... 

A BIG Congratulations to Adelaide Festival Centre & Great Solar Solutions for winning their respective categories. Both winners received a trophy, certificate and return Business Class Airfare to Hong Kong. 

***HKABA-SA Business Awards will be held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on July 19th... This Black Tie event acknowledges SA's high level achievers trading with Hong Kong & China.. are you one? do you know a candidate? we would love to hear from you. Contact Darren Wilson for more info.
HKABA-SA/ANZ Bank Food and Wine Appreciation Dinner 2013

A wonderful ANZ Bank/HKABA-SA Chapter Food & Wine Appreciation Dinner base around a nine course with nine well-known South Australian Wines on Saturday, 18th May 2013. There are 175 guests gathering to one of the most well known Chinese Restaurant, Park Lok Chinese Restaurant. 


Thanks for our major sponsors, ANZ Bank with their continue support. Other sponsors such as The Hong Kong Economic & Trade office (HKETO), The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Invest Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), Cathay Pacific Airways, Shingleback Wines, Tranquil Travel Service, Chifley Hotel and Just Flirt. With our VIP Guests such as: Mr. Steve Barclay (Director of Hong Kong Economic & Trade office),  The Hon David Ridgway MLC, The Hon Jing Lee MLC (Member of the Legislative Council), Mr. Rodney Harrex (Chief Executive-SA Tourism Commission), Mr. Scott Ashby (Chief Executive-Depart of Primary Industry & Regions), Mr. Andrew Cheesman (Chief Executive -Wine Australia), Hon. Wayne Matthew, Mr. Francis Wong - HKABA SA Adviser and other HKABA-SA Chapter loyal supporters.


We also to be proud of our wine sponsor to provide the best quality of South Australia region of wine. They are Jarressa Estate Wine, Di Giorgio Family Wines, Cleggett Wines, Eden Hall Wines, Howlin' Gale Wines, Tomich Hill Wines, Turkey Flat Vineyards and Woodstock Wines. With overwhelming positive comments from our guests - The quality and great variety of wines with the best Chinese Food matching event in 2013.


A well known wine maker of Tomich Hill Wines, Mr. Randal Tomich is sharing his wine tasting technique and his knowledge at the dinner.

I would like to take this opportunity thank you to Ivy Xu (Chair Assistant), Shane Chen & Jenny Che, Michael Higgs (MC), Randal, Tomich (Wine MC), Frank Cutillo (Treasurer), Patrick Ho, Jing Li, Antonio De Corso, Frank Bueti, Ian Mathison and Wayne Cao for their great effort. We also thank you Eddie Tan (Manager of Park Lok Chinese Restaurant) to provide such as wonderful venue with their professional service to our success. 


Reported by Edmund Ng

Chair, Food&Wine Appreciation Dinner


President’s Report 2011-2012

President’s Report 2011-2012

I am very pleased to report our SA Chapter activities during November 2011 to January 2013.
A) Trade Mission:
1) 29th & 30th November 2011: 8 Companies attended HK Forum
2) 2nd December 2011: Participation in the HKSME Expo and involvement in the 2012 SME Expo.
3) Accompany with State Treasurer visit to Hong Kong on 31st January to 5th February. Meeting with many companies resulted with having
Mr Stephen Ip as our Association Advisor.
4) 5th to 10th November 2012: We are the largest single exhibition under the Australian Pavilion with about 11 wineries participating. We are
not only assisting them during the exhibition but also start to run our exclusive “Market Research Program” for our members. The Market
Research Program is designed to give very much in depth market insight of Hong Kong economy. I believe that most exhibiters have had
some benefit from this.
5) 2nd December to 7th December 2012: We had 12 members attending the HK Forum. We were also running our Market Research Program
where this time we also invited other Chapters’ members to participate. The visits include wine imports, supermarkets, logistic companies and
the briefing from Consul General in Hong Kong as well as ANZ HK office. The feedback was excellent and we are intending to take this
initiative to the National level next year.
6) In addition to the Forum and the Market Research Program, we are also involved with the SME expo which our Trade Mission
Executive Mr. Mike Higgs has an opportunity to speak on stage about business opportunities in Adelaide and Australia in front of 150 audience.
We are looking further to develop relationship with the SME Association in Hong Kong whom we believe it can add a lot of benefits
to our members.

B) Members Networking Functions:
1) 27th January 2012 – Temptations Cruise – Fully Booked
2) 28th January 2012 – Involvement with the Chinese new Year Street Party
3) 8th February 2012 – Chinese New Year Cocktail at the Adelaide Zoo, 190 people in attendance.
4) 21st February – Attending Multi-Cultural Award Ceremony at the Government House.
5) 16th March – Attend National Business Award in Sydney with some of our State winners.
6) 30th March – ANZ VIP Lunch with leader Ms Isobel Redmond.
7) 16th April – Ice Breaker Lunch organised by our YPEG at the NAB – 50 people in attendance.
8) 18th April – Participate in UniSA International Student Day Expo.
9) 26th May – Annual Food and Wine Appreciation Dinner – 150 attended.
10) 20th July – ANZ VIP Lunch
11) 22nd July – Hong Kong Children Symphony at Elders Hall with 660 people attending.
12) 10th August – Our biggest event of the year, Business Awards Gala Dinner at the Entertainment Centre and our guest
speaker was State Premier, Honourable Jay Weatherill. There were 320 people attending the function.
13) 21st September – Business Hour with CITCSA at the Intercontinental Hotel. A very good way to mingle, with
Presidents of other Chambers.
14)  November – Participate in a Food SA Award Dinner and Chinese Medical Association dinner and Chinese Business
Network with Chinese delegates.
15) 18th Jan 2013 – Temptation Cruise – Fully booked out again.

C) Seminars:
1) 21st March 2012 – Chinese Briefing and update information  regarding Hong Kong with 130 people attending.
2) 16th May – Sponsor  Confusions Institute for  China Briefing seminars.
3) 17th May – YPEG Seminar on Superannuation at the NAB Greenhill Road office.
4) 28th May – INVEST Hong Kong Seminar.
5) 11th July – China Briefing with Confusions Institute.
6) 21st August – Student Industry Programme with Adelaide University  with 60 people attending.
7) 10th October – Feng Shui Seminar at the NAB head office with 40 people attending.

Apart from the above activities that our Association involved, we are also participating in the following:
I) Koala project to Hong Kong with Edmund Ng and Frank Cutillo.
II) China Tourism Industry Advisor Committee with Edmund Ng.
III) Australia in the Asian Century white paper discussion.
IV) Property Welcome Desk with Property Council of SA and Adelaide City Council.
V) Ambassador of Adelaide Convention Beauro.

This shows that our Association’s activities involved with Tourism, Investment and Convention aspect in Adelaide
and contribute our thoughts into planning of future Government policy making.

This year, I am pleased to announce that our Chapter has won the Grand Achievement Award from HKTDC HK Forum.
This is a great encouragement to our committee and also further testimony to our Chapter of enhancing value
to our members.

During this year, we were honoured to have Right Honourable Lord Mayor Mr Stephen Yarwood as our Association
Ambassador and Mr. Stephen Ip to be our Honourable Advisor. Mr. Stephen Ip is the ex-Secretary of the Economic
Development and Labour of HKSAR and now is one of the Steward of HK Jockey Club. I am sure that these people
can assist our Association in many ways in the future.

Another good news for our Association is that our membership number is almost double this year and I thank our
membership chairs for their hard work.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors:

3) Invest HK
4) ANZ Bank
5) Cthay Pacific
6) Chiefly Hotel
7) NAB
8) I.Age
9) Shingleback Wines

To help our Association to pursue our goals.

I also like to thank our Executive Committee:
a) Vice President - Mr. Daren Wilson
b) Treasurer – Mr. Frank Cutillo
c) Secretary – Ms Malinda Kuo

and our Committees:
1 ) YPEG Chair – Mr. Ryan Gu
2) Food & Wine Appreciation Dinner & Web Management – Mr. Edmund Ng
3) Business Award Chair – Ms. Becky Li
4) Trade Mission Executive – Mr. Mike Higgs
5) Sponsorship Chair – Mr. Norman Sheun
6) Membership Chair – Ms Jenny Cui and Mr. Frank Bueti
7) Media Liaison – Mr. Wayne Cao
8) Membership Committee – Mr. Tony Decorso
9) YPEG co-ordinator – Ms. Sulei Gu & Mr. Tai Nguyen
10) Sub-committee – Mr. Ian Mathison, Ms. Ivy Xu, Ms. Lilly Liu & Ms. Jean Dong.

I like to congratulate Sulei who gave birth to a handsome boy, a dragon boy and Jenny to give birth a
pretty girl, a dragon girl. Seems that there is a lot of happiness around our association this year!

My sincere thanks to:

i) Our Patron Lieutenant Governor Mr. Le’ AO
ii) Our Ambassador, Right Honourable Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood
iii) Our panel of Advisors for their continuing support and guidance to our Association.

I also thank our National Board and our Fellow Chapter Presidents for all their support and assistance to
our Association all year long.

Last but not least, I thank you to all our members and friends who support our events during this year and
I do hope that they would find our activities are useful and also of value.

This is my last report as Chapter President of HKABA-SA. I am stepping down from President’s role. I believe
what I did for the last 5 years is to consolidate our foundation for the future.  I truly believe that our Association
is well placed with the State Government and HK Government.

My best wishes to the incoming President and may the future be full of interesting and profitable events for
all our members.

Thank you.

Patrick Ho

Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2012

This November, the 2012 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair (HKIWSF) saw 35 wine companies from Australia at the Wine Australia Pavilion.

The 2 day EXCLUSIVE Trade only event attracted around 20,000 qualified trade buyers from Asian markets including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore & Taiwan. This included general importers, agents, retailers, hotel buyers, corporate buyers, collectors and more.

The 3rd day was open to the general public and attracted an additional 20,000 visitors. This presented exhibitors with a great opportunity to get feedback on wine style, labels, logos, names and price point direct from local consumers.

The Hong Kong Australia Business Association's SA Chapter (HKABA-SA) has lead trade delegations to the HKIWSF since the show's inception in August 2008. This year the HKABA-SA's delegation total 11 wine companies (around 1/3 of the Australia Pavilion Total). Our delegation included companies from South Australia, WA, Victoria and NSW making it a truly National group.

Exclusive Benefits for HKABA-SA exhibitors included on the ground concierge assistance with glass washing, spittoon clearing & exhibitor maintenance coordination ensuring our exhibitors could focus 100% on selling their products. Quoting Mr Frank Bueti of FAB Export, an exhibitor who attended the show with the HKABA's delegation, "The organiser only provides us with 18 glasses for the entire day so the washing service provided by the HKABA alone was of huge value to us."

Additional EXCLUSIVE benefits to exhibitors who were part of the HKABA-SA's delegation included:
Buyer insight briefing with 5 star hotel chain L'Hotel
Buyer insight briefing with importer Red Wine Village
Buyer insight briefing with Restaurant Chain Pokka Corporation
Buyer insight briefing with High End Supermarket Chain City Super
Technical insight briefing with logistics specialist company Helka
Intellectual Property insight briefing with Trade Mark Attorney Emily Yip
Creative Insight briefing with HK food & wine packaging designer Spark Creative

Our sincere thanks to all participating companies, the HK businesses who provided wonderful Market Insight, Alice Jim of the SA Government's Hong Kong Office & Ian Mathison for his dedication to the HKABA-SA's trade program.

The HKABA-SA will expand it's trade delegation program in 2013 to include wine, food, and other trade events. If you would like more information the the HKABA-SA's trade delegation program, please contact Mike Higgs: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Reported by Mike Higgs
International Trade Delegation Coordinator
HKABA-SA Chapter




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