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Immigration SA is the key State Government agency in South Australia that drives and coordinates the State's international migration program.
Activities mainly centre around the State's skilled migration and business migration programs.
The Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is a government department that acts for the whole nation.
However, to provide states/territories with the opportunity to attract more skilled and business migrants, DIAC has introduced a number of state-specific migration schemes. These include:
    * Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)
    * State Skilled Sponsored Visas
    * Business Skills Visas

Immigration SA can provide sponsorships under the State-sponsored schemes to suitably qualified candidates. Please note that Immigration SA is not involved in the assessing or granting of visas.  The responsibility for setting migration criteria, assessing and granting of visas rests with DIAC. Visa applications under State Sponsorships are given priority processing by DIAC.
Services provided by Immigration SA

Immigration SA is aware that international migration is a big step and that the process of making the move can be complicated and daunting.

To help new arrivals orient themselves and settle quickly and smoothly, Immigration SA has developed a range of unique On Arrival Services for skilled migrants  these include:
    * Meet and Greet Service
    * On Arrival Public Accommodation
    * Skills Recognition Services (SRS)
    * Employment Linkages Service (ELS)

Similar services which focus more on business establishment, referral and networking, are available for business migrants. On Arrival Services for Business Migrants include:
    * Networking and Referral Service
    * Business Relocation Service
    * Exploratory Visit Support

Information sessions for new migrants are also held on a regular basis to advise new arrivals on issues of interest, such as visa requirements, settlement, and to provide an opportunity for new and settled migrants to meet.


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