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The Hong Kong Australia Business Association Limited (HKABA), initiated by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was established in 1987 aiming to promote a positive image for Hong Kong and to reinforce economic ties between Hong Kong/China and Australia. Members are local businessmen with strong Hong Kong connections or those interested in doing business with Hong Kong and Hong Kong organizations based in Australia. The Association provides networking opportunities on which strong trading and investment links are built between Hong Kong companies and Australian companies. It also provides an effective channel of communications for information on economic development and trade opportunities in Hong Kong/China.

The HKABA is a member of the "Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide" established in November 2000, comprising 31 Hong Kong business associations worldwide with a total membership of 8,000.


Your Link to a Profitable Partnership

The Hong Kong Australia Business Association Limited is a nationwide organization with more than 800 members in Australia and Hong Kong.  It is dedicated to growing the already strong business links that exist between Australia and Hong Kong.

The Association was founded in New South Wales in 1987, and its success in forging closer and more profitable ties between Australian and Hong Kong businessmen and women has resulted in the creation of six new chapters across the country - in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.  A separate national body was formed on 25 March 2004.

The HKABA and its State and Territory Chapters are committed to further developing opportunities for its members in the proven market of Hong Kong and, through Hong Kong’s unique access and regional role, to the vast China market and the Pacific Rim as a whole.

A Bridge to China, at the Heart of Asia

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic economies in our region.  It has long been a model of a free market, free trade economy.  It covers only 1044 square kilometers on the southern tip of China and has no natural resources other than the finest deep water port in all of China.   Its astonishing success has been built on a bi-lingual population legendary for its work ethic and entrepreneurial skills.

Australia’s connections with Hong Kong in trade, business, investment, government, the professions and sport go back generations.  The HKABA is a relatively new but increasingly important part of this long standing relationship.

There are now some 450 Australian companies operating out of Hong Kong, and another 1000 representing Australian products. They employ some 200,000 people.  This level of involvement is bound to grow well into the future, now that China has joined the World Trade Organisation and Hong Kong’s role as a facilitator of this great market becomes more firmly entrenched.


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